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One of the six choice models for Canada’s extremely durable residency is language capability. The language ability test is a measure of your ability to demonstrate your ability to find space with others in a nation and is a great way to live like other residents and fill out choices. Scoring great will let specialists know that you have the stuff to work in their country while scoring ineffectively will let specialists know that you might track down it troublesome in their nation and may not end up being a resource.

What are language capability tests?

Language capability tests are explicitly intended to test regions of the language that the taker should scrape by in an outside country. They don’t test you on cutting-edge parts of the language. All things being equal, they take the principal uses of a language and perceive how you passage in them. This would incorporate perusing, composing, talking, and tuning in. This test surveys how well you know a language and whether you will want to place your insight into reasonable use progressively.

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What are the various types of language capability tests?

There are three test-type suppliers in Dubai two for English and one for French. The ones giving English capability tests are as per the following:

  • IELTS – Worldwide English Language Testing Framework
  • CELPIP – Canadian English Language Capability File Program

What are the Differences between IELTS and CELPIP?

The major differences are as follows:

The IELTS can be taken for an assortment of visa processes, among which is concentrated on visas, work visas, and super durable residency visas. The CELPIP is simply intended to be taken for super durable residency visas and citizenships.
Four sorts of language abilities are tried here. In the Overall LS form of this test, just tuning in and it is estimated to talk abilities.
There are two adaptations, one is the IELTS General Preparation and the other is the IELTS Scholarly. There are two variations, one is the CELPIP General and the other is the CELPIP General LS.

Which test would it be a good idea for me to pick – IELTS versus CELPIP?

The test you ought to pick rely upon your motivation and odds of coming out on top. The reason for your visit is a significant component to think about here. If you want to apply for super durable residency, citizenship, or an expert assignment, then, at that point, picking CELPIP is smart as it is intended for these reasons.

If you need to apply for a review or work visa, picking IELTS is smart. Coming to picking a test that shows your assets, there is a sad distinction between the two tests. The two of them have a similar degree of trouble however you can pick either founded on the accompanying.

The CELPIP test has a more drawn-out talking and listening segment than the IELTS, so if these are not your assets, the IELTS test holds a superior likelihood of coming out on top for you. The CELPIP test additionally covers ordinary circumstances to evaluate your usefulness appropriately. If you are bad at translating these, then, at that point, IELTS is a more secure bet for you.

Key Components of CELPIP

There are 4 segments to this test, with a score of 1 to 12 for each part. This is a PC-based test. They are evaluated by the Canadian Language Benchmark Levels (CBL).

Listening segment: There are 7 parts with 40-46 inquiries. This segment goes on for 47-55 minutes.

Understanding segment: There are 4 parts with 38-45 inquiries. This goes on for a 55-an hours.

Composing segment: There are just two parts to this one. They comprise composing an email and answering a review. The composing area goes on for 53-an hours.

Talking segment: There are eight parts to this test, with 8 inquiries. This goes on for 15-20 minutes.

Key Components of IELTS

There are 4 segments, with 1 to 9 focuses allocated to each. You can score entire focuses or half focuses.

Listening segment: There are 4 parts with around 40 inquiries. This will require about 3 minutes. Understanding segment: There are 3 parts with 40 inquiries. This goes on for an hour. Composing segment: There are two parts. You are expected to compose a paper and a letter. This goes on for an hour. Talking segment: There are three parts. You need to present yourself, convey a discourse, and answer questions. This goes on for 11-14 minutes.

What is IELTS?


IELTS is a test supplier that tests you on four language capacities perusing, composing, tuning in, and talking. This is a test that is acknowledged by a few nations all around the world and is utilized for general, understudy, and work visas predominantly. The IELTS is certainly not a difficult test, particularly for Indian candidates as they have been communicating in and utilizing the language their whole lives.

Going to classes is an effective method for planning for these tests, but getting to know the organization of the tests and endeavoring a couple of fake tests is typically sufficient to get a decent score. The IELTS is scored on a band of 9 places. 6.5 focus is a good score to go for the gold.

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What is CELPIP?


CELPIP is certainly not a summed-up English test. It is intended to be utilized for particular reasons for citizenship and movement. It is a waste of time to step through this examination if you are applying for an understudy visa or a work visa that doesn’t include an expert assignment.

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There are two sorts of CELPIP tests:

CELPIP General: This surveys your tuning-in, perusing, composing, and talking abilities. It is intended for super durable home applications and is explored by the Migration, Displaced people, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You can likewise step through this exam for proficient assignment purposes. CELPIP General LS: This test just measures your tuning-in and talking abilities and is intended for citizenship applications and expert assignments.


How would I get ready for IELTS?

As IELTS has been laid out as a typical language test for worldwide hopefuls, there are a lot of assets that can assist you with planning for it. There are sites, training focuses, and offices that can assist you with getting the most ideal score on the IELTS test. Kansas can assist you with getting ready for the IELTS test. Reach out to us now to get the best scores.


How would I get ready for CELPIP?

There are a few web-based materials that you can involve to read up on CELPIP. Nonetheless, utilizing the assets accessible on their website is suggested. You can think that they are here. There are a few disconnected tests that are accessible. Be that as it may, you will find online assets significantly more helpful and refreshed. CELPIP and IELTS are both language capability tests that are endorsed by the IRCC. IRCC doesn’t suggest one over the other, so it is almost certainly correct they hold equivalent significance. Both tests have the accompanying parts:

  • Listening area
  • Understanding segment
  • Composing segment
  • Talking segment

CELPIP centers around the pragmatic purposes of the language. Scoring great on this test will show the specialists that you are exceptional to handle genuine situations. CELPIP is likewise a decent test on the off chance that you are applying for citizenship.


Something imperative to consider is that you can get to the CELPIP test in 3 urban communities, while the IELTS has north of 100 test places in India. For direction in regards to the two tests, book a free meeting with Kansas now.

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Different FAQS

Question: Where might I at any point take the IELTS test?

Answer: There are around 100 test places in India, as the IELTS is an exceptionally famous test. You can likewise visit the English Board Library to take the IELTS test.


Question: Where could I at any point take the CELPIP test?

Answer: You can take the CELPIP test in 3 urban communities Chandigarh, New Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

Question: What does the CELPIP General Test cost?

Answer: It costs 120 USD dollars + charges.

Question: What does the IELTS General Test cost?

Answer: It costs Rs 14,000 including charges.

Question: What amount of time does the CELPIP test require?

Answer: The CELPIP test is something like 3 hours in length. Each of the four modules is finished around the same time. Generally, the tuning in and talking areas take more time. Progress times are represented.

Question: What amount of time does the IELTS test require?

Answer: The IELTS test requires something like 3 hours. In any case, it requires two days to finish the IELTS test, as the tuning in and perusing segments happen on one day, and different areas on another. Both paper-based and PC-based tests are legitimate, and the times are changed in like manner.

Question: When do I obtain the outcomes for my CELPIP test?

Answer: The outcomes for the CELPIP test are normally distributed in 4-5 work days.

Question: When do I come by the outcomes of my IELTS test?

Answer: You will get them in 5-7 days in instances of PC-based tests. You will obtain your outcomes in 13 scheduled days in instances of paper-based tests.

Question: When could I at any point retake the IELTS test?

Answer: There is no time limit before you can retake your IELTS test. Your experimental outcomes are substantial for quite a long time after you take it, and you can send the best score out of the entirety of your endeavors.

Question: When might I at any point retake the CELPIP test?

Answer: You can retake the CELPIP test within a range of 30 days from your last test.

Question: How frequently could I at any point take the CELPIP test?

Answer: You can accept it however many times as you need, yet you may not enlist for more than one meeting within a range of 4 days. Likewise, you need to hang tight for somewhere around 30 days from your last test before retaking your CELPIP test.

Question: What do these tests suggest?

Answer: These tests suggest how capable you are in their local language. This thusly tells individuals being referred to whether they are sufficiently arranged to have the option to work and adjust in their country. A decent score implies you realize the language all around ok to do effectively and be a resource. A terrible score suggests that you don’t have the vital language abilities that are expected to study, work and live in Canada and will experience difficulty speaking with likely managers, teachers, and general residents.

Question: How would I enlist for an IELTS test focus in India and what is the test expense?

Answer: You can enlist on the web or disconnect from your comfort. The test expense is Rs 14,000 comprehensive, everything being equal.

Question: How would I enlist for a CELPIP test focus in India and what is the test expense?

Answer: You can enroll online for your CELPIP test on their authority site. The test charge is Rs 10,845 barring charges.

Question: How long is the CELPIP test legitimate?

Answer: It is substantial for a very long time after you take them. Following this, whenever required, you should accept them once more.

Question: How long is the IELTS test legitimate?

Answer: It is substantial for quite a long time after you take them.

Question: What are the significant contrasts between these tests?

Answer: There are no significant contrasts between these two tests. The main contrast that stands outs between these tests is the reason behind taking them. The CELPIP tests are intended for individuals applying for citizenship, extremely durable residency, and expert assignments. The IELTS tests are intended for general purposes, similar to understudy and work visas.

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